Truedat Docs
Truedat includes a notification engine to allow the user to watch and be notified about those events of interest for the user.
Users will be subscribed to events in two different ways:
  • Self subscription to the documents which have this feature enabled
  • Massive subscription enabled by the administrator to a given role
Notifications will be displayed to the users on the top menu bar
Emails sent to the user. In order to achieve this, truedat needs to be integrated with your smtp server.

Self subscription

Business Concepts

You will be able to subscribe to any business concept that you have access to. This will generate a notification for any changes produced in a concept, including changes in the business concept status.

Quality Rules

It will be possible to subscribe to a quality rule, receiving notifications for quality results received. In the notification setup you will be able to select when to receive the notifications depending on the result of the quality rule.

Subscription by Role

Refer to the Subscriptions page on the administration section in which this functionality is explained in detail.