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Truedat can be used to document grants given to users. In order to achieve it, a customized integration needs ot be in place to include this information using Truedat's API.
Using the application side menu, you will have two views available:

My Grants

In this view users will have a complete list of all structures to which access have been granted to them. This will include structures to which the grant have been provided and any other structure inheriting this grant.

List of grants

Any user with permission to view grants will have this view available. In this view all grants will be listed for review. Users will be able to apply filters by structure type and domain.

Grant Requests

Our data catalog may be used to manage our user requests to access data (grant requests). This is done using a "shopping cart" where users will include the structures to which access is being requested.


Template: To activate this feature at least one template needs to be created in the "Grant request" scope. This template will define the information that user needs to complete when requesting access to the data. More than one type can be created in case you need different forms.
Permissions: Provide permission "Approve grant request" to all roles that need to approve these requests.

Shopping cart

Once this configuration has been created users will have the option to add structures to their cart and checkout the request, completing the data that have been setup before.

My grant requests

This is a view for all the users in which you will get a list with all the requests that you have created and their current status. You will be able to filter by status and order by last updated.
This view may be customized in each installation to display the required columns
Clicking on a grant request you will navigate to detailed view in which you will be able to see who has approved/rejected and which role is pending to reply this request.

Approve grant requests

In case that you have a role with permission to approve grant requests you will have this view. In this view a list of all pending requests that you may approved will be displayed. You will be able to enter any of the, review the details and approve with the corresponding role.

Source systems integration

In case that there is a requirement to integrate this process with the source systems a custom integration needs to be developed according to the installation requirements and architecture.
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