Version released on 04/03/2024

Release highlights

1. Multi-language capabilities: Glossary's concepts

Previously, Truedat only allowed for the translation of template fields with a fixed list of values. In this version, free text fields and concept names can also be defined in multiple languages.

If you have set up additional languages in your Truedat installation, you will now have the ability to enter information in all those languages when creating a new business concept. Throughout the review process, from draft to publishing, the information will be displayed in all languages for reviewers to check. Once the concept is published, users will see the concept information in the language set up in their browser.

If you are using Truedat in only one language, simply set that language as your default and continue working as usual. However, if you wish to add more languages, you can do so in the Administration > Languages section under the Manage tab. You will need to specify whether the additional language is required or optional. If marked as required, business concepts must be defined in both languages in order to be published.

Note: Bulk upload of concepts not available in multiple languages yet.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-6223 Allow custom configuration of global search page

  • TD-6258 As a user I want to see my business concepts information in more than one language

  • TD-6243 As an admin user I want to be able to manage Elasticsearch indexes from Truedat


  • TD-6398 Approval of grant removal request from 'Approve Grant Requests' screen does not work

  • TD-6436 Use the environement variable DB_TIMEOUT_MILLIS in requests using /api/v2

  • TD-6425 Fix migration for SSL database connection