Version released on 31/10/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality Implementations: Executions on empty datasets

There is a new type of execution result for those executions where the dataset was empty: "Empty dataset".

You can search for those implementations executed on empty datasets as a new value has been included in the search filter.

And you can subscribe to receive notifications when the execution was done on an empty dataset. This is available in both the user subscription and the ones managed by the administrator.

2. Data Quality Implementations: Apply validation to multiple fields

When defining a validation you can have functions applied to multiple fields, e.g. validate the result of the concatenation of several fields.

3. Data Domains: Navigation to Data Quality Implementations

A new tab has been added to the domains view to show the quality implementations published in each domain and allows to navigate to the implementation's details.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3765 Quality results with 0 records should give a different type of result

  • TD-5245 As a quality user I want to define a quality implementation applying a function to multiple fields

  • TD-4977 As a user I want to view quality implementations of a domain when navigating through the taxonomy

  • TD-4517 As a data quality user I want to be able to filter the list of quality rules by template.

  • TD-5171 As a data catalog user I want to see the complete path of the domains of a structure

  • TD-5284 Update to phoenix 1.6.x

  • TD-4860 Replace react-vis


  • TD-5244 Clone implementations not available for admin users

  • TD-5281 When cloning an implementation, only the basic information is saved on the cloned one

  • TD-5265 Global filters created in Data Catalog are visible in rules and implementations pages

  • TD-3646 Dropdown user field doesn't suggest any items on structures bulk update

  • TD-5267 Bulk update of structure notes is not reindexing

  • TD-4710 It is not possible to upload implementation information into a domain field in implementation template via csv file

  • TD-5253 Audit tab for implementations is giving a 504 error

  • TD-5234 Low performance in quality implementations setup for some tables

  • TD-5273 When create a grant request the api/v2/functions sends a forbbiden

  • TD-5260 When editing a published implementation with no changes, a new version is created

  • TD-4999 GET /api/data_structures/:id/versions/latest fails for structures with profile but without class field