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Release highlights

1. Subscription to business concept changes

Users will be allowed to subscribe to any concept and be notified of any changes produced to that concept. It will be possible to choose to receive the notifications as daily ingest, one hour after the change has been produced at most or inmmediatily when changes happen.

2. Taxonomy for business concepts

New summary box on the right side of concepts details displaying the complete taxonomy of the concept. This will allow a user to easily understand how this concept has been defined.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


    TD-2301 - As a data owner I want to receive a notification if a structure linked to one of my concepts is removed
    TD-2592 - As a Business Glossary user I want to see the path of linked structures in linked tab of a business concept
    TD-2865 - As a business glosary user I want to subscribe to a business concept specifying the periodicity of my suscription
    TD-3085 - As a business Glossary user I want to see the taxonomy of my concept
    TD-3103 - As a Data Quality user I want to see the job execution when I execute quality implementations


    TD-2331 - Path is not being displayed for deleted structures
    TD-2655 - Domain is not being updated for existing structures
    TD-3139 - User initialization screen appears even after initial user has been created
    TD-3155 - Application is not allowing to change the domain parent of a given domain in case it has any related concept
    TD-3172 - Error creating data structure type
    TD-3175 - Fix last_day_of_month function in dq-engine of the sdk
    TD-3180 - OAuth 2.0 Auth Code flow doesn't work if response is encoded in query parameters
    TD-3206 - Error getting structure ids of an implementation
    TD-3204 - Performance issue with data structure path query
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