Version released on 09/05/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Market: Access request to several structures

If you need to request access to several structures, you can now do it from a new screen 'Structures grant requests' in the Data Market module.

You will get a list of structures and clicking on the request button you will add it to your shopping cart. The orange icon means you can request access; green icon means you already have access to the structure; yellow icon means that there is already a request for that structure (either pending to be approved or already approved); blue icon means that the structure is in your shopping cart.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5661 As a user I want to request access to multiple structures selecting them from the same screen.

  • TD-4217 As an administrator I want to have details of latest execution when downloading implementations, including sql statements.

  • TD-3807 As a user I want to filter concepts, structures, quality rules, implementations and data requests by hierarchy fields.

  • TD-5744 Data Catalog view displays only information for a maximum of 50 systems.


  • TD-4243 Structure audit tab: Include structure notes events.

  • TD-5442 Delete of implementations only deletes the latest version.

  • TD-4591 Data Catalog navigation displays structures I don't have permission to view.

  • TD-5680 Structures are not splitted by classes.

  • TD-5732 When I edit an implementation to add a new dataset, if I later delete the link to a structure, in the Catalog the link in the Quality tab is still there.

  • TD-5711 Process that retrieves events to send out notifications gives time out.

  • TD-5602 Timeout in /api/executions/search end-point.