Data Profiling

Truedat allows to run profiling analysis on data sources that have this option enabled.

In order to run profiling analysis first we need to have setup some data source with this option enabled. Usually this type of analysis is allowed in data sources in which we may run SQL since the processing of the profiling is delegated to the source data base engine.

The option to run profiling will be assigned depending on the role and permissions that you have for the given data structure.

Executing Profiling Analysis

Once you have structures which source allows to run profiling and you have the permissions to do it you just need to navigate to the structure for which you want to execute the profiling analysis:

You will have to select for which fields you want to run your analysis. This will be executed in your data source, aim for efficiency analysing only the information you need.

Profiling Analysis

Once you have run profiling information this will be availble for all users with permissions to see profiling. This information will be displayed through the Data Catalog at a data structure level