Version released on 17/01/2023

Release highlights

1. Business Glossary: Global search filter

Global search filters are now also available in the Business Glossary module.

An administrator can create search filters in the Business Glossary and save them so users will have them available by default when they access the glossary. Only the administrator can delete these global search filters. Users can view and use global filters and can still create and save their own personal search filters.

2. Administration: Customised texts

All the messages that can be customised in the application can be managed now by an administrator from the new menu option under Administration: Translations.

Existing messages can be modified and new ones can be created.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5242 Global filters in business glossary

  • TD-1968 As an admin user I want to manage all texts that appear in the web in different languages to avoid waiting for a new deployment in order to change some text

  • TD-3930 As a Business Glossary user I want to have my concepts completeness in the concepts download

  • TD-5469 Update jsonwebtoken library


  • TD-5199 Error when deleting quality rule

  • TD-5436 When creating an implementation user should be redirected to the implementation view

  • TD-5219 The quality result displayed should be the latest results available (even if they are not from the latest version)

  • TD-5414 Quality results versions are not ordered correctly

  • TD-5434 When loading results via csv information is not stored correctly

  • TD-5432 Quality Implementation subscription does not work with aditional versions

  • TD-5402 Using reference data fields in validations returns an error

  • TD-5433 Reference data removal produces error in indexing if there are implementations using the reference data

  • TD-5344 API rule_implementations/search returns alias instead of the original name of the structures and fields

  • TD-5455 Lineage selection is not displaying any domain in case that no lineage structure is in the data catalog

  • TD-4109 Lineage first level selector is not filtering by domain in case you click with one previous selection

  • TD-5290 Save button in the checkout of grant requests is clickable when not all the mandatory information is filled out

  • TD-5382 Pending approvals in a grant request is only displaying the roles I have to approve

  • TD-5428 If user has only roles without "View Dashboard" permission and error is displayed on screen