Version released on 05/04/2022

Release highlights

1. Bulk update of structure's domains

As a Data Catalog manager, holding the permission to 'Manage Structure Domain', you can now upload a csv file to update the domain(s) of multiple structures. In order to do this, go to the Data Catalog main screen and in the right-hand side menu, select the new option 'Update structure domains'.

The csv file must have the following format:

Column headers: external_id, domain_external_ids

external_id: the external id of the structure which domain(s) is to be updated

domain_external_ids: the external id of the new domain. If the structure has more than one domain, they must be included as a list separated by pipes (‘|’)

2. Navigation from Sources to Jobs

From the Sources screen, as an admin user you can navigate to the details of the jobs that have been executed.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4535 As a data catalog manager I want to update the domain for multiple structures in just one action

  • TD-4126 As an admin I want to see the list of jobs for my source in the source view


  • TD-4643 Option for raw implementations is not available for users with permission to create this kind of implementations

  • TD-4617 DomainDropdownSelector does not show selected children when the domain tree is collapsed

  • TD-4666 Enrich domain parents in business concepts search

  • TD-4670 Change RouteListener to dismiss alert when any route change occurs