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This section of the Truedat administration module allows the creation and management of users and groups. Users can be created directly in this administration screen or through integration with an authentication service (active directory or similar). This section will describe how users manage directly in the application and will not talk about operation with integrations of other systems.


We can perform the following actions on the user screen:

User registration

To register a user, the following information must be entered:
    User: will be the user that we will enter when logging in to the application.
    E-mail: email is used in some functionalities to send notifications.
    Full name: will be used in some screens where user information is shown.
      Administrator: user with all privileges. Can perform all actions in the application
      User: Normal user which permissions will be managed through the user roles.
      Service: Used for users that need to access the API.
    Groups: groups to which the user belongs. In case of introducing a group that does not currently exist, the group will be registered automatically.
    Password: necessary to login to the application
    Password Confirmation

Edit user

The following data of an existing user may be modified:
    User name
    Full name
    User type
    Groups to which it belongs

Details of a user

By clicking on the user name, we will access the details of the user and we will be able to consult the user's data and in case of having an assigned role we will see in which domains it has it either by user assignment or membership of a group.

Delete User

The user will be deleted from the application and will not be able to be used from that moment on at any point. All user role assignments in the information domains will be deleted.

Change Password

Administrators will be able to setup a new password for any user.
A search engine is available to locate a specific user.


In this section, the registrations, deletions and modifications of User Groups are carried out.

New group or edit group

We can create a new group or edit an existing one. In both cases the data to be entered / modified will be the same:
    Group name

Delete group

In case of deleting a group, it will additionally be deleted:
    Membership of said group of the corresponding users
    The assignment of roles / permissions to the group in any of the domains.

Manage group

By clicking on the name of the group we can access a group management screen where we will see a list of users and we can add or remove users to the group.
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