Truedat Docs


Version released on 24/01/2022

Release highlights

1. Improvements in Notes Bulk Upload function

The Notes Bulk Upload functionality has been improved as described below:
  • The process will load all the records in the file that are correct, skipping those records that an error prevents them being loaded.
  • If the information of a record on the file is the same as the one already stored, there will be no changes made and therfore, the version of the structure will remain the same.
  • All the records that cannot be loaded will be written in a csv file which can be downloaded.
    • Number of structures that have been processed
    • Number of errors found
    • List of errors found in the file providing for each of them the following information:
      • Line/row within the file
      • External_id
      • Column where the error was found
      • Error message

2. Data Sources - last execution date and status

The layout of the Sources page has been modified to display a list of sources providing the following information:
  • External Id (source)
  • Type (template)
  • Status (active/inactive)
  • Timestamp of the last execution [New]
  • Status of the last execution [New]
  • Message
The options to activate/deactive and to delete the source can now be found in the source details.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4100 When loading notes allow to load partially in case that there are errors on the file
  • TD-4125 As an admin I want to see the last execution date and last status of all my sources
  • TD-4308 A rejected/approved grant request should not display buttons to approve/reject
  • TD-4293 As a user I want to view audit information on all changes done to a quality implementation
  • TD-3178 As a quality user I want to see the details on the join made to setup my dataset
  • TD-4312 As an admin I want to setup an autogenerated field in my template
  • TD-3819 Include domain in quality rules metrics table
  • TD-3467 In quality results table in td-metrics should store only last results since last metrics execution


  • TD-3671 Uncontrolled error prevent rule implementation reindex to complete