Version released on 20/09/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: My quality executions

There is a new menu option: “My executions” under "DATA QUALITY", where you can see the last 50 quality execution jobs you have requested, when they were run and the status of the quality controls executed (pending, started, succeeded and failed). This menu item is only available to users with permissions from the group of permissions "Quality Implementations Additional Actions".

After you manually request the execution of quality controls, you are taken to the screen where you can monitor the progress. You can continue working on the application and come back to this screen by going to “My executions” to check if the job has finished and if so, the results.

2. Data Catalog: New permission to view protected metadata

Sensitive metadata can be marked as "protected" so it will be displayed in the Data Catalog only to users with the permission to view protected metadata.

3. Data Market: Access request on behalf of other user

Users can request access to a data structure for themselves but now also for other users. In order to do so, the requester will need to have the permission "Create grant request for third parties" and the requestee, will need the permission "Allow grant requests from third parties".

If you are requesting access for another user, you will follow the same steps as you would do it if it were for yourself but in the checkout step, you can tick "Request for" and choose the user the access is requested for.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3415 As a user I want to see my Quality executions

  • TD-5082 New permission to view protected metadata in Data Catalog

  • TD-5133 As a data catalog user I want to request a grant on behalf of other users

  • TD-4794 Unify domain selectors with single component avoiding global state

  • TD-4136 Order alphabetically all domains in taxonomy filter

  • TD-5091 In dynamic content, store domain fields as ids instead of nested documents

  • TD-5090 Change DomainSelector to allow single selected domain

  • TD-5170 Remove graph tests Logger.warn output

  • TD-5148 Connectors: Jobs should not stop when a Truedat request fails


  • TD-5076 Clone implementations is not working for non admin users

  • TD-4956 When downloading editable metadata for data structures some columns are being displayed duplicated

  • TD-5169 Improve list_data_structure_versions since query performance

  • TD-5168 On any data source with a domain selector an error occurs

  • TD-4984 Execution group view shows negative count of pending executions