Release highlights

1. Managing Subscriptions

New feature in order to allow admin users to manage subscriptions.

  • List all current subscription filtering whether the subscription is by user, role.

  • Create new subscriptions selecting:

    • Type of subscriber: Role, user, email.

    • Resource: You want the subscription to apply a given Concept, a specific domain or a domain with all its children.

    • Events: Select the events that you want to generate a notification. For some special events more parameters will be available. At this moment you will have to select the status of a result (gren, yellow, red) when selecting a "Create rule result" event.

2. Displaying mandatory missing fields

When users save business concepts drafts without completing all mandatory fields a summary will be displayed specifying the missing fields. This will help the user understand if a concept is not allow to send for approval.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-981 - As an administrator I want to update the password of an user to reset it in case it is needed

  • TD-2588 - As a business glossary user when I save a concept with mandatory missing fields I want the application to display which fields are missing

  • TD-2437 - As an admin user I want to manage the subscriptions in my platform


  • TD-3146 - Domain members are deleted if taxonomy cache is empty

  • TD-3179 - Access to a source that has been deleted and created again return 500 error

  • TD-3202 - Membership description is not being displayed

  • TD-3264 - DataStructureTypeMigrator error on td-dd startup (local environment)