Version released on 25/09/2023

Release highlights

1. Multi-language capabilities

Download of structures editable metadata

As we did in a previous release with other downloaded files, now the file with the editable metadata from the data catalog will also contain the information in the language of the web browser. So for those template fields with a fixed list of values where a translation has been defined, when downloading the information into a csv file, the relevant language will be used. Please note that the headers of the file will not be translated as they contain the name of the fields and not the labels.

Upload csv files

When uploading information into Truedat via csv files, you can do it in either Spanish or English. You can populate the value of the template fields in any of the languages if the administrator has defined translations for those fields.

Once the information is uploaded, you will view it in the language of your web browser as current behaviour.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5929 As a user when uploading files I want to populate the values of the fields in my language

  • TD-5935 API for remediation plans


  • TD-5999 Implementations with no rule are not being automatically deprecated when a structure/reference dataset used by them is deleted

  • TD-6016 Missing degree/lineage column

  • TD-6038 Audit tab is producing an error because time-out