Version released on 17/06/2024

Release highlights

1. Data Market: list of approved/rejected grant requests

As a grant request approver, you can now view requests that have already been approved/rejected. In the same page where you get the list of requests pending approval, you will also be able to filter the list in order to see those that have been approved or rejected or even any status of the granting access process.

The view of the list of requests is initially filtered by those that are pending approval so you can review and approve/reject in the same way you have been doing it. With this new feature you can apply a filter by status and see those that are already approved, rejected, processed, cancelled, etc.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5788 As a Grant Request approver I want to see previous approvals/rejections

  • TD-6399 Allow to download more than 10.000 quality implementations

  • TD-6561 Standardise how limits to number of values in filters are managed

  • TD-6637 Remove the language from completeness when there is only one language


  • TD-6402 When sub-scope is deleted from a template, concepts are not displayed in the Glossary view

  • TD-6440 Hierarchy not saved correctly when Business concept is created