Version released on 14/03/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Catalog: Linking structures

Linking structures from different systems can now be done directly from the Data Catalog.

Users with permission to Link Structures to Structures will have the tab "Linked Structures" visible in the Data Catalog and the button "Add links" to link the structure to other structures from the catalog where they also have this permission. Users will also be able to delete links between structures as long as they have the permission in the domain of both structures.

2. Template management: custom hierarchical fields

As an administrator you can create hierachies that can be used when defining templates.

Create a hierarchy

Option 1: UI

In the Administration module, go to Hierarchies menu option. Here you can see a list of all the hierarchies already defined and you will be able to create new ones. In order to do so, click on the New Hierarchy button, give the hierarchy a name and description and create as many nodes and levels as required.

Option 2: File upload

Defining a template with hierarchies

To include a field in a template:

  • Widget: Dropdown

  • Type: Hierarchy

Then select the cardinality of the field and the specific hierarchy to be used.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5509 As a Data Catalog user I want to create link between structures through the front-end

  • TD-3806 As an Administrator I want to use hierarchies as a widget in my templates

  • TD-4438 As a Quality user I want to have operators in list/not in list where the list is provided by reference data


  • TD-5645 When updating a default or raw implementation with csv file, the implementation type is changed to basic

  • TD-3879 Empty filter in business concepts, implementations and data catalog is filtering those concepts where the field does not exist instead of those in which the value is an empty value

  • TD-5566 Notifications fail to be sent by email when they contain a field with enriched text

  • TD-5575 API is allowing to execute implementations to users without permission to execute those implementations

  • TD-5490 Error downloading concepts when the template contains fields Dropdown/Domain