Version released on 16/08/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Catalog administration: Tags

When a tag is applied to a structure, there is now the option to apply the same tag to all the descendant structures. Simply tick the box “Inherited by children” and the tag will be applied to all. Any modification done to the comments of the tag will be propagated to the descendants. And if the tag is deleted from the structure, it will be automatically deleted to all the descendants as well.

2. Data Quality: Implementations approval workflow improvements

When creating a new implementation or editing an existing one, if the user has permission to publish implementations, they will be given the option to either save in draft (button SAVE) or automatically publish it (button PUBLISH).

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4175 As a data catalog user I want to apply a tag to a structure and all its descendants

  • TD-4907 Rule implementation workflow improvements

    • TD-4945 When a user with permission to publish an implementation creates/edits an implementation, they should be able to record it in draft or published

    • TD-4988 User with permission to use segments should have the option when creating the implementation

  • TD-5043 As a business glossary user I want to get the updated date when downloading concepts

  • TD-5035 Enable application notifications to be sent from external sources using API

  • TD-5113 Include index in data_structure_hierarchie table


  • TD-5073 Non-admin users cannot view quality dashboard

  • TD-5070 Implementations view inside a quality rule is displaying duplicated implementations

  • TD-5081 Error when editing a Implementation

  • TD-5116 Save button on create/edit implementations is giving an error

  • TD-5106 An implementation's domain id cannot be changed

  • TD-5100 grantsColumns reducers is the same for 2 different selectors

  • TD-5094 Federated authentication fails if truedat access token is present in local storage