Version released on 18/04/2023

Release highlights

1. Template Management: Hierarchy fields

Upload and download of files for Concepts, Notes, Rules and Implementations now support fields of type hierarchy.

  • All downloads will include the full path of the hierarchies, e.g. "/Product family A/Product class 1/Product line a"

  • In csv file uploads, you can specify the absolute path, e.g. "/Product family A/Product class 1/Product line a", or the relative path making sure it is unique across the hierarchy, e.g. "Product line b", "Product class 1/Product line a". If more than one match is found, an error will be returned.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5650 As a user I want to upload hierarchy information in my assets

  • TD-5641 Quality tab in structures should display linked structures instead of structures within the implementation

  • TD-5709 [Metrics] Add grant requests to Metrics

  • TD-5297 Support TLS connection to database by configuration in all back-end services


  • TD-5698 When uploading rule results, there is not automatic reindex and the uploaded result is not displayed in the list of implementations

  • TD-5703 The table with structures for the "referenced in" operators is not displayed correctly

  • TD-5696 Rejected implementations can't be edited

  • TD-5670 Structures notes upload fails when content is invalid

  • TD-5638 [PVR0426398] decode-uri-component-0.2.0.tgz

  • TD-5639 [PVR0426411] moment-2.24.0.tgz