Version released on 31/07/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: Implementation's linked structures

Structures linked to an implementation as dataset, population and validations are available in the Metrics database so you can build dashboards using this information. This information can also be displayed in the results list when accessing the published and drafts implementations by customisation of your installation.

The linked structures are the ones that are displayed in the 'Structures' tab in the details of the implementations. They may differ to the ones used in the definition as you may have edited them to add or remove some.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5829 Include linked structures in implementations lists and metrics

  • TD-5844 In downloads, fields from template of type Domain should contain the Name (not Extenal Id)

  • TD-5907 The download of implementations should have the details of latest execution also for non-admin users

  • TD-5379 When loading a result for an implementation all executions of given implementation are considered as executed

  • TD-5872 In Business Concepts download include the url of the concept


  • TD-5952 Error returned when searching for structures by text and applying filters

  • TD-5946 Downloading implementations is producing an error 500

  • TD-5837 Retrieve mutable metadata for data fieds, children and parents structures

  • TD-5878 When a concept is marked as confidential, the quality rules linked to it are no longer accesible to non-admin users

  • TD-5831 In the screen "Structure grant requests" I can request access to a structure that is non-grantable by searching by its name

  • TD-5943 My Grants screen is displaying all grants instead of only current user grants