Version released on 28/02/2023

Release highlights

Linking multiple structures to a business concept in one go is possible using a new screen that can be found in a new menu option under Glossary: Link manager.

On the left hand side you can search for the business concept and in the box on the right hand side you will see the available data structures. Just by clicking on them the link between the concept and the structure will be set up. Those structures linked to the concept are highlighted in green. If you click on a structure that is already linked, the link will be removed.

Setting up a special type of relationship is possible although optional and can be done by choosing the relevant relationship type in the drop-down field "Relation Types".

2. Data Quality: Bulk update of quality implementations

When uploading a csv file with implementations with the existing functionality, if the implementations already exist in Truedat, now their information will be updated with the one in the file. If the implementation is in published status, a new version will be created. Only the general information (domain, threshold, goal and template fields) can be updated, not the information related to dataset, validation, population nor segmentation.

Also, for those users with permission to publish implementations they can select to directly publish the implementations loaded with the csv file.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4554 As a business glossary user I want to add multiple links to data structures at once

  • TD-5471 Bulk update of quality implementations via csv

  • TD-3541 Allow to use note information in fields table by customization in each client

  • TD-5507 Create API to get Grants information

  • TD-5519 Include user type (user, admin, service) in users table in metrics

  • TD-5233 [Metrics] Include templates in Metrics database

  • TD-5605 [Metrics] Include new audit events in Metrics database


  • TD-5599 Grant reindex error with high volumetry

  • TD-5482 Display translated message when downloading the list of errors on Notes upload

  • TD-5613 Basic implementations try to fetch structures

  • TD-5621 Unable to select Implementation filters