Version released on 29/11/2021

Release highlights

1. Load notes information with same format as download

We have included a new way of downloading notes information that will allow to perform easily following steps:

  1. Download notes file

  2. Make changes to notes file with your prefered csv editor (for example MS Excel).

  3. Save and Upload to truedat.

We have also changed the interface in which following actions are performed:

  • New system create

  • Structures metadata download

  • Structures notes download

  • Structures bulk update

2. Lineage graph generation on background

Truedat's installation will be able starting on this version to define the maximum time allowed to calculate a lineage graph. After that the process will timeout whithout using more resources. At the same time users will be able to see the status of the latest graphs requested and navigate to them directly.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3606 As a Data Catalog user I want to download the list of structures in the same format I need to use to upload the information

  • TD-4262 Lineage execution on the background

  • TD-4307 Allow to setup timeout for calculating a graph in the backend

  • TD-4269 Include ACLs in Metrics model

  • TD-4305 In quality implementations list allow to include columns with corresponding data structure information

  • TD-4306 As a quality user I want to include custom information when creating a quality execution request


  • TD-4251 It is not possible to introduce value in filters for referenced table in quality implementation

  • TD-4299 Modify lib used to read csv files in order to improve performance when loading metadata with big files

  • TD-4324 Relation between results and implementations has been lost in metrics db

  • TD-4327 Denied access when trying to create a new quality rule

  • TD-4341 Performance problems on structures metadata download

  • TD-4344 Notes tab is not displayed when there is a high volume of structures

  • TD-4351 Structures reindex is not working with a high volume of structures