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Bulk Updates

Bulk update of concepts

From the main screen of the concept glossary, admin users will have the option to perform a massive update of concepts. In order to carry out this massive update, the following must be taken into account:
    You can only bulk update concepts of the same type (that is, they use the same template)
    We will always have to choose the domain to which the concepts will pass. If you want them to remain in the same domain, you must filter for that domain and select that domain when updating. Therefore, concepts from different domains cannot be updated if we do not want them to all belong to the same domain. For this use case, they must be carried out in batches corresponding to each destination domain.
    The rest of the fields are optional and only those for which a value is entered will be updated on the concept. All the fields for the template / type that you have filtered will appear.
    We can update the published versions or those are pending, depending on the tab on which we make said update.
Once the fields to be updated are filled in and by pressing the "Save" button, we will be asked for confirmation to carry out the update, informing us of the number of concepts to be updated.
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