version released on August 16th 2021

Release highlights

1. Custom metadata tabs

As an administrator you will be able to setup custom tabs for a specific type of structure in the data catalog. You will be able to define the tab's name and which metadata needs to be included in the corresponding tab.

2. List of grants for a specific structure

A new permission has been added to view grants. If you have this permission in a given structure you will be able to see all grants that have been documented for the corresponding structure.

Remember that grant information needs to be populated using local integrations

3. Deviation quality rules

A new type of quality rule has been included. As a summary we will have following type of rules:

  • Quality percentage: The measure will be the % of records that match the quality criteria. Values will be between 0% and 100%, being 100% the maximum quality of our data.

  • Deviation: Used to compare two counts/amounts that should be similar. It will give the % of difference between the data to be checked and the data to be checked with. Values will be between 0% and 100%, having 0% as the max quality for our data.

  • Erros Number: Used to check the absolut number of errors in our data without dependency on the volume of our data. Very useful in cases with high volume of records and small margin of error. Values will be positive integers, having 0 errors as the best quality possible.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3952 As an administrator I want to setup a customized tab in my structures

  • TD-3948 As a Data Catalog manager I want to see the grants given for a specific structure

  • TD-3549 As a quality user I want to be able to define my rule by amount deviation (conciliation type)

  • TD-2635 As an admin user I want to manually delete a structure and all its children

  • TD-3767 As a Data Lineage user I want the first selector to be a domain selector giving the list of domains linked to my units

  • TD-3931 As a taxomy manager I want to modify the description to a role assignment in a domain

  • TD-3917 Enable API to allow data structures metadata to be enriched with aditional data


  • TD-3859 Error when loading the same data lineage unit for a second time

  • TD-3908 Error in lineage initial screen when having a big data volume

  • TD-3957 Most frequent value is not being displayed correctly in structure profile for some cases

  • TD-3959 API used by newest connectors to populate results is not producing "Rule result created" events and no notifications are received