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The application integrates a reporting software (Metabase) that can be configured to extract metrics from the product and be displayed to the user. The configuration of this dashboard is done in a personalized way in each installation and allows us to display information about different metrics:
    Number of concepts along the following axes
    Domains to which they belong
    Whether or not it has a link to the Data Dictionary
    Has or does not have defined quality rules
    Concept status
    Completeness of concepts. It indicates that% of optional fields filled in by the following axes:
      Domains to which they belong
      Field we want to analyze
      Field group to which the field belongs
      Concept Status
    Data Quality information along the following axes:
      Domains to which the concept of the rule belongs
      Quality principles
      Execution date
      Dynamic fields generated in quality rules
Additionally, there is a permission to see the dashboard, so it can be managed that users only see the data of their domains on the dashboard or filter among the domains for which they have access to the data they want to view.
Example of Glossary Dashboard:
Example of Quality Dashboard:
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