Version released on 06/05/2024

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-6076 Allow to customise columns in the different Business Glossary views

  • TD-6492 Hierarchy fields should display the full path in the front end

  • TD-6535 Improve Elastic document for grants


  • TD-6424 Values of template fields that depend on the value of another field are not being translated in the downloaded file

  • TD-6552 Users with just default role cannot view Dashboards nor Lineage

  • TD-5520 A user with a role with no permission to "View grants" has the option "Grants" in the side bar menu and can view them

  • TD-5981 Grants download csv Error

  • TD-6544 Searching capabilities in Concepts are missing (results sorted by relevance and search box in filters)

  • TD-6283 Display the alias of the structure in the current and related structures in 'Linked Structures' tab in Catalog & TD-6547 The current structure in Linked Structures in Catalog does not display the alias

  • TD-6538 Data structure version and implementation queries timeouts

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