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Release highlights

1. Dynamic Fields at quality implementation level

This new feature will allow users to customize fields to be displayed in the setup of quality implementations. This information will then be used as part of the metrics data model and will allow to analyze quality results based on the defined attributes.

2. Users access metrics

Information according to user access is included in the metrics data model. This will allow to include information about unique users access in our integrated dashboards:

Features and fixes delivered with this release


    TD-3189 As a quality user I want to have dynamic fields in my implementations
    TD-3521 As a Data Catalog user I want to share structures with another truedat user


    TD-3568 Connector MSSQL service crashes when try connect
    TD-3586 Missing translations for native rule implementation form
    TD-3618 * Exception sending email


    TD-3630 Error 500 in POST /api/executions/search
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