Version released on 20/11/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Catalog: Functional names vs Technical names

When the functional view is on, for those structures with an alias, this alias is displayed instead of the technical view (default view).

When the technical view is on, only technical names are displayed.

If there are no aliases, the buttons to switch between views will not be visible as only the technical view is available.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5542 As a data catalog user I want to view both technical name and alias of the structures in the navigation tree

  • TD-5319 As a user I want to search for values in some of my filters

  • TD-4304 As a data quality user I want to filter my implementations by the corresponding structures

  • TD-3062 Improve templates management screen


  • TD-5390 The implementation key is not validated to be unique when editing an implementation and changing the key

  • TD-6177 Td-df-lib error float parser: unable to load csv files with template fields of float type

  • TD-6191 No notifications sent out for subscriptions to event "New concept draft"

  • TD-6173 Fix the domain filters in grant_requests

  • TD-6162 reindex_all does not work in grant_requests with a large volumen of data

  • TD-6159 ElasticSearch settings configuration does not work after the upgrade