Release highlights

1. Quality result summary in quality rules

Users will getting a summary of the quality results just bellow the quality rule title. This summary will display the distribution of implementations by latest results. By clicking on the bar users will be able to see the number of implementation in each status.

2. Approval/Reject information in grant requests

In order to allow the user to know exactly the status of his/her request we will display all the approval/rejects received and also who is pending to approve if anyone is pending.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3507 As a quality user I want to see a summary of current quality in the quality rules screen

  • TD-4124 As a template manager I want to have a field which value will depend on the selected domain (outside the template)

  • TD-4204 As a data market user I want to see the reject reason given to my grant request

  • TD-4203 Do not display approve/reject buttons in grant request view in case that there is not an option to approve/reject it

  • TD-4213 Grant request interface should be able to populate a "failed" status instead of "processed"


  • TD-4132 When modifying a quality rule with a user/role field previous value is lost

  • TD-4134 Error while sending notification over taxonomy_role

  • TD-4211 Subscriptions on data structures should include structure note events

  • TD-4231 Metrics connector is failing second time it extracts users information

  • TD-4257 Variable MAX_PAYLOAD_LENGTH is not working in dd service