Version released on 12/02/2024

Release highlights

1. Multi-language capabilities

Truedat can now support languages other than English and Spanish. You can configure the languages in use and define the translations for each of your preferred languages in the Administration module under Translations.

In every installation, there will be a default language available, along with the required number of additional languages. Truedat will be presented in the language of the user's web browser, unless the language has not been configured, in which case the default language will be utilized.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-6374 Managing web message translations for i18n

  • TD-6365 Change icon for requesting Grants (in translations) for the structures view

  • TD-6339 Refactor search filters in td-web-modules for QX to not use global state


  • TD-6342 Error message (CONCEPT_ACTION) when deleting a draft concept

  • TD-6286 Bugs in grant removal workflow

  • TD-6306 Catalog views not displayed in the Catalog menu for non-admin users