Version released on 11/09/2023

Release highlights

1. Business Glossary: Deprecate business concepts

Published business concepts will be archived before they can be permanently deleted. You will be able to see all those concepts that have been archived and then decide whether to restore them or delete them. There is a new menu option to view those business concepts that have been archived.

The following permissions will allow you to perform these actions:

  • Deprecate business concepts – New permission to deprecate a published concept.

  • View deprecated business concepts – New permission that will allow users to view the new menu option and the list of deprecated concepts.

  • Publish business concepts – Existing permission that will allow users also to restore a deprecated concept to published status again.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5928 As a business glossary user I want to view deprecated concepts and restore them to published status

  • TD-5798 As a business Glossary user I want to see the concept semantic mapping (related concepts graph view) filtered by type of relation

  • TD-5974 The domain of the structures that are validated in an implementation should only be the ones of the fields used in Validation

  • TD-6010 Include in Metrics concepts with new status deprecated


  • TD-5982 Cannot link concepts to structures from Data Catalog

  • TD-5979 In Data Catalog, when navigating to the last level, no structures are displayed in the navigation side panel

  • TD-5898 When deleting a draft implementation, all previous versions of that implementation are deleted

  • TD-5940 Incorrect domain list for third party grant requests

  • TD-5833 [Web] Tables don't adjust size nor break lines