Version released on 14/02/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Market: avoiding duplicated grants

When creating new grants in Truedat, a unique reference can be included to ensure that no duplicated grants are created. This reference field must be provided by the external system that manages and grant access to the data. Truedat will consider a grant to be duplicated if it is for the same user, same structure, in the same dates and with the same reference.

When navigating in the Data Catalog, the first 1000 structures are displayed on the left panel but the total number of structures are indicated if there are more than a thousand. Even if they are not displayed in the panel, you can search for them in the search box and they will be displayed.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5479 Avoid having duplicates in grant table.

  • TD-5560 Enable environment variable in dd to customize timeout.


  • TD-5444 In the first level of the catalog display, only the first 1000 elements are displayed.

  • TD-5201 Order alphabetically all domains in search filters.