Version released on 23/05/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: Quality implementation executions

Quality implementations can now be executed from the implementation view. So far they could only be executed in the implementations list screen. With this change, you can as well request the execution of an implementation from its detail screen by clicking on the button "Execute Implementation".

2. Data Quality: Implementations with no associated rule

Quality Implementations can be created without having to link them to a functional quality rule. Truedat will support both models: having quality implementations linked to a quality rule, and standalone quality implementations. However, initially, in each installation only one model will be supported, either implementations with rules or without rules. In a future release it will be possible that both models co-exist in Truedat so in an installation you will be able to have implementations of both types: linked to a rule and standalone.

Creating a new standalone quality implementation.

From the Quality Implementations screen, click either in "Create raw implementation" or "Create implementation". These options will be visible only to those users with the new permission "Manage Implementations without Rule". So if you decide you don't want to use this type of implementations in your installation, do not give this permission to any role. Please be aware that admin users will still have access to these buttons and funcionality.

Note: Quality engines must be adapted in order to use this new functionality.

3. Data Catalog: Structure tags by domain

Administrators can define structure tags that are only available to structures in specific domains. Applying the tag to a domain is optional so if no domain is selected, the tag will be available to all the structures in any domain.

4. Data Catalog: Reference Data Management

New funcionality has been include tod manage reference data. It can be found under Data Catalog and it is only available to admin users.

Upload of information is done via csv file by clicking on the "New Dataset" button.

This functionality and its use will be expanded in future releases.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4045 As a quality user I want to execute an implementation from the implementation view

  • TD-4089 As a quality user I want to create an implementation without having a quality rule

  • TD-4723 As an administrator I want to define which structures labels should be available depending on the structure domain

  • TD-4660 As an administrator I want to define reference data for my installation

  • TD-4548 In Notes, allow to download and upload information for fields with multiple selection fields

  • TD-4457 Allow to have grants for non existing users in truedat

  • TD-4799 Pending quality executions API is failing when there is a high number of pending executions

  • TD-4445 Create materialized view for structure_versions table in metrics model

  • TD-4836 Details to be included in rule_results


  • TD-4230 In notes form user/role fields should be loaded using the structure domain

  • TD-4838 Raw implementation population filters are not being applied

  • TD-4792 Subscription notifications not working correctly

  • TD-4797 Notes notifications are linking to non-existing urls

  • TD-4848 Timeout on structures notes upload

  • TD-4849 Bulk grants reindex is not working