Truedat Docs


Version released on 06/09/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Market: Grant modification

A request to modify an existing grant can now be managed in Truedat.
As part of this task, the buttons to request grants have been redefined and have been placed in the right hand-side of the structure's view.
The button to manage grants
will have a different color and will allow different operations depending on the workflow state.
: Initial state, user has no access to this structure and there is no request for access. By clicking on the button you will be able to request access.
: A grant request has already been placed but has not been processed yet. At this point you would be able to cancel the request. Clicking on the button you will be able to: navigate to the details of the request or cancel the request.
: The request is being processed and therefore no actions are allowed.
: User has access granted on this structure. Clicking on the button you will be able to: modify the grant (new functionality) or request the access to be revoked.
: Access removal has been requested. You can cancel this request before it has been actioned.
Requesting a modification to an existing grant will create a new request that has to go through the same approval process as a request for a new grant.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5078 As a user I want to request a modification in one of my Grants
  • TD-4691 Allow to have the quality rule template as a column to setup in the quality rules list
  • TD-5036 Enable to have custom permissions in different installations
  • TD-3371 As a Data Catalog user I want to download more than 10.000 structures from the Data Catalog
  • TD-4757 Retrieve structures versions which dataStructure updated_at is greater than "since" parameter when retrieving dataStructureVersions
  • TD-5091 In dynamic content, store domain fields as ids instead of nested documents


  • TD-5075 Moving an implementation to another rule
  • TD-4994 Error when loading a big amount of data into lineage
  • TD-5118 Avoid fast users update implementations twice
  • TD-5056 Metabase config cannot be modified