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Relationship types
Within the administration submenu we will have an option to manage the different types of relationships that we have in the application. In this view we can create a new type of relationship or delete an existing type.

New type of relationship

To register a new type of relationship, we must specify the code that we want to give to this type of relationship as well as choose the destination of the relationship, which will mark us in which scope of the application this relationship will appear:
    Concept: relationships between concepts
    Intake: relationships between intakes
    Structure: linking a concept with a structure. Currently, only one type of possible relationship is contemplated with the business_concept_to_field_master code that will mark the possibility of having master type links between a concept and its linked structure.

Deleting a relationship type

There will be the option to delete a relationship type, which will cause that type not to appear when generating new relationships. This deletion will not cause the deletion of existing relationships of this type but existing relationships will continue to exist without any type. For example, if we have a concept linked to a structure with a master type and we delete the master relationship type, the link will continue to exist but will not be marked as master.
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