Release highlights

1. Notifications in the user interface

User will receive alerts according to their subscription configurations inside the application by clicking on the bell icon on the top right part of the screen.

2. Subscriptions based on concepts attributes

In order to give more functionality to the subscription feature we have included the option for users to be able to subscribe to concept's events depending on some of the dynamic attributes included in the concept.

Integration tasks

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3055 - As an applicaton user I want to see my last notifications in the application

  • TD-3063 - As a user with a given role I want to be notified when there is a change in a concept that matches some filter based on the concept template's field

  • TD-3327 - As a I user I want to click on the title of a result search (global search) to navigate to the asset


  • TD-3338 - Problem bulk indexing jobs with huge messages