Version released on 25/04/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: Quality implementations can be defined for multiple populations

When creating a new implementation, on the step to add a filter to define a population within the data set, it is now possible to add more than one population by clicking on the “Add population” button. This way you no longer need to create several implementations for the same validation in the same data set for different populations.

Note: Quality engines must be adapted in order to use this new functionality; otherwise they will only take into account the first population defined in the implementation form.

2. Business Glossary: Concept relationship graph can show different levels of depth

When visualizing the graph of the business concepts relationships, you can select the depth level you want to have displayed to simplify the graph if needed. On the slider that is on the left-hand side, select the desired level and the graph will be updated accordingly.

The default number of levels can be customised in each installation.

3. Data Lineage: Information on the relationship between objects

If the lineage connector provides information on the transformation process between objects, this will be displayed on the lineage graph. Clicking on the arrow that links 2 objects will display all the information the connector has provided.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4536 As a data quality user I want to define multiple populations for one data implementation

  • TD-4513 Concepts relationship graphs should display only two levels by default

  • TD-2026 As a Data Lineage user I want to see information regarding the relation between some objects

  • TD-4683 structure_parent_id for default relation needs to be returned in GraphQL API for structures versions

  • TD-4098 Enable API for metrics connector to view list of structures with lineage information


  • TD-4625 RoleLoader fails when no roles are defined

  • TD-4721 Error when creating a new implementation with a non-admin user

  • TD-4695 Notes published directly when loading via csv are not being reindexed on data catalog

  • TD-4722 API to populate profiling results is failing because total count of records exceeds database type