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Release highlights

1. Profiling filter in Data Catalog

Users will be allowed to query which structures on the data catalog have data profiling information

2. New events for subscriptions

Following events have been added to be manage through the subscription section (admin user only). This will allow to receive notifications with events produced by the newest features in truedat:
    Granted access
    Revoked access
    Structure notes status changes
Remember that grant information needs to be populated using local integrations

Features and fixes delivered with this release


    TD-3546 As a Data Catalog user I want to filter the structures for which I have profiling information
    TD-3910 As an admin I want to create subscriptions to structures notes status changes
    TD-3951 As a data catalog user I want to receive a notification when a grant for my user is created/deleted
    TD-3972 As a quality user I want to define a population on the referenced table when using referenced in operator
    As a template manager I want to define the default value of a field depending on the value of a previous field
    TD-3983 As a data catalog user I want to request access to a number of structures


    TD-4004 Data Quality: boolean column is being treated as string
    TD-4028 Impact tab in structure details is redirecting to lineage view
    TD-4032 Default landing page should be customized
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