Version released on 13/12/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: New implementations can be created from a business concept

Quality implementations can be created directly from a business concept in the Business Glossary. This new implementation will be linked to the business concept.

In the 'Quality Implementations' tab within the business concept details view, you now have the option to create a new implementation as long as you have permission to create implementations without rule and permission to link implementations to concepts.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5161 As a quality user I want to create quality implementations from a business concept

  • TD-5391 Approval rules should work with template with multiple values

  • TD-5365 Refactor Access to use data_structure id instead of external_id as foreign key


  • TD-5374 Grant requests over structures with multiple domains and approval rules are failing

  • TD-5372 Kong-setup exit status is always 0