Version released on 23/05/2023

Release highlights

1. Data Quality Implementations: Structure's domains

In addition to the domain the quality implementation is assigned to, you will be able to view the domains of the structures involved in the definition of the implementation, both structures used in the dataset as in the validation. This information will be displayed in the details of the implementation and in the download file of implementations and through customisation, it can also be displayed in the implementations list. You will be able to also filter the implementations list by the structure's domain to retrieve implementations defined over structures belonging to a specific domain.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5504 As a quality user I want to see the domain of the structure that I am validating

  • TD-5114 As a quality user I want to have the implementation domain in the implementation list and download

  • TD-5756 In the Linkage tab of the Glossary, display the type of relationship with the structures

  • TD-5288 Saved filters to be displayed in the Concepts/Structures/Implementations tabs in the Taxonomy module

  • TD-5491 Include the link to the structure and the technical name in the downloaded files of structures metadata


  • TD-5751 In the Catalog, the complete path of domains of a structure is not displayed when hoovering over the domain

  • TD-5733 Alias is not displayed in the navigation panel in the Catalog

  • TD-5303 Bulk update of concepts does not display any users in fields that are Dropdown "User" or "User or Group"

  • TD-5162 Bulk update of draft concepts updates published concepts instead of draft ones

  • TD-5784 Screen to request access to structures does not display the table correctly and request button does not work