Version released on 22/01/2024

Release highlights

1. Business Glossary: File upload to create and update concepts

File upload will allow you to not only create new concepts in draft status but to create them directly as published and also update existing concepts.

The file format has been changed to be the same for the download and upload so you will be able to download a file, review the information, make the required modifications and upload the same file.

There is a new menu option: "My loads" where you can see the progress of the file upload, the result and details of the errors if any.

2. Generative AI

Use AI to complete business concepts information

When creating a new concept or updating its information, you can use the help of generative AI to fill in the form.

The administrator will mark those fields that are subject to be completed by AI when defining the template. Also, they can restrict which roles can make use of generative AI suggestions with a new permission: "AI suggestions".

Note: in order to use this functionality you will need to be integrated with OpenAI. In the future, Truedat will be able to work with other AI models.

Prompts and mapping configuration

Administrators can configure the mappings and prompts to be used in Truedat to fine-tune the results.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-6205 File upload to create new and update existing concepts

  • TD-6195 As a user I want to use AI to autocomplete my Concept information

  • TD-6221 As an admin user I want to setup my prompts and mappings using the front-end

  • TD-6197 Move description field in business concepts to df_content and template

  • TD-6181 Refactor elasticsearch functionality to use td-core-lib in all indexes


  • TD-6165 Catalog views is not displaying any structure when navigating

  • TD-6202 Search in structures navigation is not finding all structures

  • TD-6270 When a structure is deleted by a connector, it is still visible in the navigation panel until a reindex_all is executed

  • TD-6130 Link between Implementation and structure is not created for raw implementations for Teradata db

  • TD-6272 Review td_dd timeout on api/v2