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Release highlights

1. Grants views

Two new options have been included in the menu in order to display a "list of grants" for users with view grants permission and "my grants" to any user in the application. This will allow any user to be able to see just in one place to which structures access have been granted to him/her. You will be able to navigate from the grant list to the given structure to see more details.
As any other view in Truedat the columns to be displayed can be customized depending on the customer requirements.

2. Template management: Fields may be mandatory depending on other field value

As an administrator you will be able to use the template management options to define a field which will only be mandatory for some values of previous field. This dependency will only work for fixed values fields.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


    TD-3950 As a user I want to see a list of grants
    TD-3824 As an Administrator I would like to move an implementation from one rule to another
    TD-3970 As an data quality user I want to define implementations casting data types
    TD-3971 As a template manager I want to define that a field is mandatory depending on the value in a previous field
    TD-4065 Allow Implementation keys with spaces, points, etc


    TD-3780 Subscriptions are not generating notifications for roles in subdomains
    TD-4037 Missing domains on the domain filter component for business concepts since there is a limit of 50 domains
    TD-4072 Invalid template error when a structure type has no template assigned
    TD-4073 Domain is lost when editing a quality rule
    TD-4092 Rules are not displayed in its concepts tab
    TD-4105 Error when modifying a data domain
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