Version released on 04/12/2023

Release highlights

1. Business Glossary: Enhancements to bulk download functionality

The aim is to improve the management of concepts in a bulk way via files. In this version the download functionality has been improved by making changes to the file format.

In upcoming versions the file upload functionality will be also modified so the format of the uploaded file matches the downloaded file making it easier for the user who can download a file and use same format to upload information.

2. Generative AI: Use AI to fill in Notes forms in Data Catalog

With the help of generative AI, you can fill in Notes forms in the Data Catalog. Once in the structure's Notes tab, when creating or updating a note you will find a button to obtain 'AI suggestions'. The AI generated content can be then reviewed and then decide whether to use it or not.

The administrator will mark those fields that are subject to be completed by AI when defining the template. Also, they can restrict which roles can make use of generative AI suggestions with a new permission: "AI suggestions".

Note: in order to use this functionality you will need to be integrated with OpenAI. In the future, Truedat will be able to work with other AI models.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-6124 Changes to concepts downloaded files

  • TD-6140 As a user I want to request an AI system to suggest me data to complete my structure Note


  • TD-6235 Raw implementations do not allow the use of word "del" in the definition

  • TD-6000 Subscription to grant creation should only notify the user who is granted access

  • TD-6176 Implementations bulkload error when status is deprecated

  • TD-6145 Number of implementations in search list and csv download does not match