Release highlights

1. Date filter for Structures search

A new search capability has been added in the data catalog to allow the user to filter by the last updated date. User will be able to filter those structures updated in the last X days/weeks/month/years, updates done before that time or between two dates. This will allow the users to easily retrieve structures which have had some change in its layout or data types.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • [TD-2486] - As an administrator I want to have a selector of domains as type of field to be used in template management

  • [TD-3065] - As a data catalog user I want to filter by last updated date in a useful way

  • [TD-3106] - As a user I want to see the type of job that has been executed (Metadata, Profile, Data Quality)

  • [TD-3143] - As a user I want to authenticate using Azure Active Directory with OAuth 2.0 auth code flow


  • [TD-2260] - URL type of field in templates with multiple lines is not working correctly

  • [TD-3082] - In case that type of field System is added to a template used in Data Catalog an error is produced when accessing the Data Catalog

  • [TD-3128] - Data Quality: change type of record counts from integer to bigint

  • [TD-3142] - /api/data_structure_types fails after deleting a dd template