Version released on 05/07/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Market: Set up type of structures that allow access grant requests

With this new functionality, you can define which structures can be requested access to. For example you may want to establish that only structures of type table and from a certain system, can be accessed. Only those will have the button “Request access” in the Data Catalog.

This has to be set up via API, configuring the reserved classifier ”_grantable”.

2. Template Management: New field for user groups

A new type of field has been added to the templates to be able to fill them out with either a user or a group of users.

This is available for the following widgets: drop-down, radio button and checkbox. Simply select as Type: "User or group", and then enter the role. When completing the template, you will get a list of all the users and groups of users that have that role in the relevant domain.

3. Data Catalog administration: Tag description

When creating a new tag you can now enter a description. When you assign that tag to a structure you can as well include comments, although it is not mandatory. You will be able to see both the description and the comment when hoovering over the tag.

4. Data Quality: Reference data tables to be used in implementations

When defining a quality implementation dataset, a reference data table can be used by clicking on the new button "Add Reference Dataset". The data of the reference data table can be used also in the definition of the population, validation and segmentation in a similar way as a data structure.

5. Data Quality: Implementations approval workflow improvements

Implementation results view

Results are displayed by version:

Subscription to implementation status changes

New event in subscriptions: "Implementation status updated" so users can receive notifications when implementations change their status.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4932 As Data Market admin I want to setup which types of structures from which systems are allowed in a Grant request

  • TD-4894 As a Data Quality user I want to create an implementation with an operator that allows multiple selection for a column selection widget

  • TD-4856 Include profiling information in metrics model

  • TD-4431 Include table for links in metrics model

  • TD-4412 As a template manager I want to have a field in which a user or user group can be selected

  • TD-4176 As an administrator I want to define a default value for my tags description

  • TD-4661 As a quality manager I want to create implementations using reference data

  • TD-4907 Rule implementation workflow improvements

    • TD-4920 Implementation execution results

    • TD-4921 Workflow audit events


  • TD-4952 Notifications not sent when quality execution fails

  • TD-4964 New concept should not be in /concepts; missing upload concepts button

  • TD-4993 Bug: Error when creating a form implementation from a rule when user only has permission to manage form implementations

  • TD-4993 Bug: Error when creating a form implementation from a rule when user only has permission to manage form implementations