Version released on 27/12/2022

Release highlights

1. Business Glossary: New views

Customise new views in the Glossary module so you can have access directly from the menu to specific type of concepts, e.g. policies. This is managed with the templates so in order to have a new menu option for those type of concepts, add a subscope when defining the template which will be the new menu sub-option within the Business Glossary.

2. Data Quality: Basic quality implementations

Quality implementations with just the basic information can be created and published without having to complete the additional information: dataset, validation. Once published you will be able to upload quality results from your quality engine.

You can create this type of implementations either linked to a quality rule or standalone. Quality implementations loaded via csv file will always be of this type of basic implementations.

A new permission has been created: “Manage basic implementations”. Only users with a role with this permission will see the option to create this new type of implementation.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-3919 Allow to create personalized views in each client for business glossary

  • TD-4300 As a data quality user I want to modify implementations without introducing dataset/population/validation information

  • TD-5369 As an administrator I want to create subscriptions to remediation plan creations

  • TD-5368 As an administrator I want to define which fields from my template can be modified

  • TD-5348 Changes on grant modification request

  • TD-5322 Allow to have multiple grants for the same user in the same structure

  • TD-5367 Detail view for grants

  • TD-5243 Use structures domain in data catalog for data lineage objects that have been linked

  • TD-2642 Search in quality rules list is not understanding _ as word separator


  • TD-5426 Upgrade version of decode-uri-component

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