Version released on 29/11/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Market: Automated approval/rejection of grant requests

Grant requests can be automatically approved or rejected if they meet certain criteria. A user with permission to approve/reject grants can set up rules that will be checked when the grant request is submitted for approval and will determine whether they can be automatically approved/rejected or otherwise they have to go through the manual approval workflow.

In order to create a rule there is a new screen and the following information is required:

  • Name of the rule

  • Domain where this rule is to be applied

  • Role for which the approval/rejection will be automated

  • Action to be taken if the rule is met: approve or reject

  • Comment (optional)

  • Conditions to be checked to determine whether the request can be automatically approved/rejected. It will validate if a field is (or is not) equal to a certain value. This field can be a field from the request details, from the structure's note or from the structure's technical metadata.

    • Context: Request metadata / Structure's note /Structure's metadata

    • Field: you must type the exact name of the field

    • Operator: is equal to / is not equal to

    • Value: value of the field

When a user places a grant request, if the request is automatically approved or rejected, they will immediately see it after they submit the request.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5258 As an administrator I want to setup conditions to automatically approve grant requests depending on structure metadata and grant request information

  • TD-5136 Download of structures should include all the domains of the structure with the complete domain path

  • TD-4711 Quality implementations upload via csv should display details on the errors impeding to upload information

  • TD-5247 Display the name of the table together with field in implementations view

  • TD-4179 As a quality user I want to have create date and last updated date on my quality implementations list

  • TD-5304 Include implementation status in metrics

  • TD-5289 Upgrade Elasticsearch version

  • TD-5342 Refactor structure CSV download to use elasticsearch scroll instead of search after

  • TD-5256 Update esaml and OTP version in td-auth

  • TD-2149 Support custom localization of front-end using an API service

    • TD-5336 Create back-end service for locales & messages

    • TD-5338 Integrate front-end with /api/locales

  • TD-5341 Create indices on foreign key constraints to improve performance deleting data structures


  • TD-5286 Results tab in implementations is giving a 504 error

  • TD-5355 Download of structures not downloading any file when certain filters are applied

  • TD-5305 Metrics connector fails to load tables if the domain’s description is null

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