Version released on 15/11/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Catalog: Highlighted changes when creating a new version of Notes

When creating a new version of a Note, those fields that have their values modified will be highlighted when the note is saved so any user reviewing the note can easily identify the changes from the previous version.

2. Data Catalog: Linking structures

A structure can be linked to another structure from a different system. The information on these relationships between structures can be only loaded via API by a connector. The information then will be displayed in the Data Catalog in a new tab: "Linked structures".

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5037 As a user I want to see highlighted fields that have been changed fro not published notes

  • TD-5038 Allow to have links between structures from different systems

  • TD-5271 Metrics loading process should not stop if the loading of a table fails


  • TD-5279 In implementation upload, if the template has a field that is Enriched text and this field is not empty, the load fails

  • TD-5246 Referenced in filters are not being displayed in implementations details

  • TD-5192 Referenced in operator in implementations is not displaying the selected structure

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