Version released on 18/10/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: Restore deprecated implementations

There is a new menu item under DATA QUALITY, 'Deprecated', where you can retrieve a list of those implementations that were published at one point and later deprecated.

From the screen with the details of a deprecated implementation you will be able to restore so it will return to Published status or delete it.

2. Data Catalog: Global search filters

An administrator can create search filters in the Data Catalog and save them so all data catalog users will have them available by default when they access the catalog. Only the administrator can delete these global search filters. Users can view and use global filters and can still create and save their own personal search filters.

3. Data Quality Implementations: Use of AND/OR in the validations

When defining the validations of implementations, you can now use both AND and OR clauses.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-5027 As a quality user I want to see deprecated implementations and recover them to published status

  • TD-5195 As an admin user I want to create default search filters for other users

  • TD-3087 As a quality user I want to select between OR/AND in the validations of my implementations

  • TD-5098 As a quality user I want to apply transformations to the field to be validated before selecting the operator

  • TD-4558 Allow to manage operators used in quality implementations via API

  • TD-5226 Integrate use of functions operators for quality implementations

  • TD-4177 As a quality user I want to see the execution details of an implementation when executing it using the user interface

  • TD-5167 In Grants tab, request of removal of grants should only be available for structures with direct access

  • TD-4927 Upload of quality implementations without rule

  • TD-4857 Concepts - Change the way completeness is calculated

  • TD-5254 Concepts completeness should take into account if field is visible or not depending on the value of a "switch" field


  • TD-5140 When editing an implementation, the new version does not keep the links to concepts from previous version

  • TD-5064 Implementation key not editable in published raw implementations

  • TD-5237 Data type class is not being used to filter operators

  • TD-5250 Error "forbidden" when navigating in the Data Catalog to some tables

  • TD-4542 When navigating to a graph from a different screen it is not possible to retrieve a new graph

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