Version released on 04/10/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Quality: New type of joins to define the data set

When defining the dataset of quality implementations, you can now choose different type of joins: inner join, outer left, outer right and full outer join.

2. Administration: Subscriptions to grant requests events

Admin users can set up subscriptions to send out notifications when the following events related to the grant requests workflow occur:

  • New grant request pending approval

  • Grant request approval: new approval

  • Grant request approval: consensus

  • Grant request rejected

  • Grant request canceled

  • Grant request: process started (processing)

  • Grant request: process completed (processed)

  • Grant request: process failure

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-2430 As a Data Quality user I want to define whether joins are left, right or inner join when defining an implementation data set

  • TD-4214 As an administrator I want to setup subscriptions for grant requests workflow

  • TD-4758 Use again since parameter in data structures when retrieving data structure versions for metrics

  • TD-4903 Include automated code scanning

  • TD-4871 Unify Claims structs in td-dd

  • TD-5184 Refactor td-dd to remove td_hypermedia library

  • TD-5182 Allow to change folder writing of tzdata


  • TD-4587 Implementations download is moving fields when implementation has a data set with a table joining itself

  • TD-5210 Error when downloading implementations, structure notes when there is a Drop-down domain field in the template

  • TD-5190 Error in some templates with Domain field

  • TD-5135 Error in implementation events (Audit tab)

  • TD-5183 Avoid auto-deprecate rule implementations with reference datasets

  • TD-5164 RuleEventDecorator exception if quality_events is empty

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