Version released on 27/07/2022

Release highlights

1. Data Market: notifications sent when access requests are rejected

When a grant request is rejected by an approver, the user who made the request will be notified in Truedat and by email if their email is registered in Truedat.

2. Data Domain: Navigation to Data Catalog

A new tab has been added to the domains view that shows the data structures defined in each domain and allows to navigate to the structures details.

3. Data Quality: Implementations approval workflow improvements

Status column in Drafts implementations view

The list of implementations in the Drafts view includes a new column displaying the status: draft, pending approval or rejected.

Edit of published implementations

When editing a published implementation, if no changes are done a new version will not be created and message will be displayed informing that there were no changes and therefore, no new version.

Features and fixes delivered with this release


  • TD-4975 As a user I want to view the data structures of a domain when navigating through the taxonomy

  • TD-4441 As a Data Market user I want to be notified when one of my grant request is rejected

  • TD-4907 Rule implementation workflow improvements

    • TD-4922 Include status column in pending implementations search results table

    • TD-4925 Edit published implementation

  • TD-4754 API used to return quality results to metrics use updated_at instead of date

  • TD-4995 Enable to translate template labels using languages messages

  • TD-5018 Enable to translate fixed values in templates details

  • TD-4997 Source filter in search executions endpoint (/api/executions/search) should be `or`instead of `and`

  • TD-5029 Reenable commented test

  • TD-3614 (Medium) Control token inactivity and logoff

  • TD-5001 Display alias instead of technical name

  • TD-5044 Se deben crear las transformaciones de los campos según el tipo de columna de base de datos

  • TD-4755 Use inserted_at instead of date when storing rule results in Metrics

  • TD-5054 Incluir en implementations el campo 'implementation_ref' en métricas

  • TD-3584 Allow longer descriptions for domains


  • TD-5072 Edit quality rule not working

  • TD-4576 When a rule is created from a concept, the link between the rule and the concept is not always recorded

  • TD-5011 Duplicated templates displayed in template drop-down list field

  • TD-4907 Rule implementation workflow improvements

    • TD-4987 api/rule_results does not return ruleless implementations

    • TD-4953 Fix: Implementation details view is not displaying the template fields

  • TD-5042 Grant removal - unable to remove grant when it does not have user id

  • TD-4496 Metrics connector swallows exceptions and exits with return code 0

  • TD-4914 Bug in metrics connector when grants do not have user

  • TD-5052 No se pueden crear resultados de calidad si la implementación usa reference data

  • TD-4616 Si falla la petición Structure Notes, no ejecuta el conector completo

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